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We help families take control of their financial future

Our Infinite Mission

To empower people through financial education and entrepreneurial mentorship.  Our business model and financial platform can help every person achieve his or her financial goals.

Since its inception, Our Infinite Company has helped families across the U.S. with financial education and proper solutions to take control of their financial future.

Our business model and training platform also helped countless individuals start a successful career path in the financial / insurance industry.

Helping families and entrepreneurs create Infinite Possibilities from day one.

A Road To Success

We help individuals become successful entrepreneurs in the financial industry

Key Financial Concepts


Protect your most important assets from unexpected events that may trigger financial hardship.

Insurance products can protect the value of your assets from unexpected loss.

Make sure you have adequate coverage for your home insurance and auto insurance.

Consider getting life insurance for yourself to cover loss of income and provide a non-taxable lump sum for your family if you should die prematurely.


Understand risk and minimize losses which can significantly impact your overall strategy.

Knowing the risks VS. rewards is crucial for any financial assets.

Risky assets often provide higher returns, but can also create greater loss as well.

For people with a low-risk tolerance, consider fixed investment products or IUL with ceiling & floor cash-value components.


Know where to place your money to potentially grow it for your future and also keep up with the cost of living.

To grow your money, you'll need a positive rate of return and time.

Place your money in an account that gives you a higher interest rate than the average inflation rate, can help you grow your money which is compounded annually, and also keep up with the inflation.

Tax Advantage

Understand the differences between tax now, tax later, and tax advantage (no tax when structured correctly). 

Tax Now means taxation when your gain is realized. (i.e. wage, selling stocks, interest & dividend income)

Tax Later means taxation can wait till a later time. (i.e. IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), annuity)

Tax Advantage means exempt from taxation or other tax benefits. (i.e. ROTH IRA, 529 College Saving Plans, Cash Value Life Insurance)

Our Infinite Solutions

We offer various financial solutions that fit our clients' needs to help them achieve their financial goals.


We offer Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Indexed Universal Life, through our approved carriers. Some products also offer living benefits riders to help you cover unforeseen events and protect your family.


Include Fixed Annuities and Indexed Annuities. A long-term strategy designed to help individuals with cash accumulation as well as income distribution against the risk of outliving their income.


Long Term Care, Living Benefits, Final Expense, and Disability Insurance are also offered through our approved carriers. These products offer protection against living perils other than death.


A 403(B) retirement savings plan for employees of public schools, non-profits, and certain churches. With a traditional 403(B) plan, contributions are tax-deferred. Roth 403(B) contributions can grow tax-free.


We offer an online solution for your legal documents needs through our partner. Common legal documents include Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, and Advance Directive.

Our Carriers

Our Infinite Company is proud to offer products from our top-rated carriers in the U.S.

This allows our agents to find the most suitable solutions for their clients' needs.

National Life Group, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, Foresters Financial, AIG, Athene, F&G Annuities & Life, Americo


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